This is a real book…

The Feminists by Parley J. Cooper

Published in 1971, The Feminists is apparently some fear-mongering futuristic nightmare sort of thing where women got rights and ruined the world.

I wish it was funny, but it just pisses me off.

“1992: To Be A Man Is A Sin, To Take A Woman Is A Crime…They rule the world, and top dog is a bitch! A small band of men and their women go underground to fight the final battle of the sexes!”

6 thoughts on “This is a real book…

  1. I lived through all that…. here’s one for you … my boss at a major oil company in Fort Worth called me into the office and asked for a fuck on his desk. When I blew up on him he said, “Well, i guess that leaves out a blow job, huh?” And there was NOTHING I could do about it!

    Every time I hear a woman say “feminism is unnecessary” I want to either puke – or put her out of my misery!!

    1. I hear stories like that from family members, and I am totally amazed by people who don’t see any inequality. The women in my parents’ generation used to be paid less than men because “a man needs a bigger salary so he can take women on dates”. 😐

      I just spent three days with a man here in Italy who insists there is no such thing as discrimination against women – and he used to live in India!

      1. Wow. He must live in CandyLand! I am no doubt in your mum’s generation, Sonya. Getting jobs was hideously hard unless it was getting coffee for males, typist, that was about it. College was hell – you were never taken seriously, and if there were projects for extra credit or job credits they always went to men. Rarely a day went by you didn’t have to put up with sexual harassment, everything from verbal only to having a guy walk up to you and grab your breast, ass or even your crotch. That oil company story wasn’t the only one I had to suffer through (and many women suffered through MUCH worse than I did). It didn’t help that I was tiny, but had DD breasts (believe me, it wasn’t pleasant being that endowed!) so there was no question in their minds that I was “easy” and could be bent over just about anywhere. And yes, I suffered through rape, and was unable to get police assistance. It was “my fault” for looking as I did, and I should be “grateful” for getting attention from a VP…. Nice, huh? So, every time I listen to some woman talk about how equality laws are unnecessary? Yeah – I pretty much lose my shit!

      2. Sorry, as I’m still in Italy I only just saw this comment!

        I can’t even imagine having to go through all of that. I was only saying yesterday that reporting a rape would be a nightmare I am not sure I could go through with.

        Because I have lived in some countries where the attitudes are still VERY sexist, I guess I have seen and experienced more of it than a lot of women in their thirties.

        Every day in the news there is another (rape or murder) case that proves people need to think about women’s rights, and every day some men respond with:

        “If you want equality, then I won’t open a door for you ever again.”

        I’d rather they didn’t open doors in exchange for being treated like a human.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that review! I sort of want to read it – even though I know it will make me furious – but I’m not sure I can bring myself to pay for it…

      But I could have done without this comment: “I pointed out that the women in this book are considered incapable of running the world. While that’s mostly true”

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