Laura’s Legacy by Valerie Holmes

Laura's Legacy by Valerie Holmes

1820 Ebton, England.

Laura Pennington is the daughter of a wealthy man.

Her parents think it is time for her to marry, but they are concerned.

Laura likes to take long walks by herself, and doesn’t quite fit in.

Laura’s father, Obadiah, thinks local mill owner Daniel Tranton is the perfect husband for Laura, so he suggests marriage to Daniel while working on a business deal.

Daniel is not keen, but does not want to lose Pennington’s business. He is not sure what to do, as he has his hands full with disgruntled workers at the local mills.

Daniel has always treated his workers well, but that is the exception, not the rule.

As he ponders, a new problem arises, when Jeb, a young boy who works for Daniel’s cousin Roderick, runs away from the mill where he works.

Daniel, not wanting to see him captured and beaten by the local louts who enforce the law, tries to track him down. He finds Laura hiding Jeb, who she stumbled upon while out on one of her walks.

Roderick has his henchman Mr Bullman hunting for Jeb as Laura hides him at her father’s boat house.

Checking on him one morning, Laura sees the boat is gone, but it’s seeing her father stepping out from the hotel he owns that shocks her the most.

For all his efforts to make Laura a lady, it seems Mr. Pennington is not a gentleman.

With the hint of revolution in the air, will Daniel and Laura find a love worth fighting for?

Laura’s Legacy is a passionate historical tale of romance and family strife in a past world.

Laura’s Legacy by Valerie Holmes

(Boy, does this publisher ever write long blurbs!)

A Regency (sort of – it’s set a couple of years after that time period) romance in a more traditional style, Laura’s Legacy is a shorter read that delves into middle class life in 1820 England.

More in the style of a Jane Austen book than a bodice ripper, these characters act period-appropriately, and we get to take a look into some of the darker aspects of life in the era. Because they are not dukes and duchesses, you could say we get a more realistic look at life in the past.

Also because Laura’s Legacy is in a more traditional style, the romance is only part of the plot, and we get to spend a significant amount of time with other characters and see their day to day lives.

I do like traditional Regency romances, but I thought this one was a little slow to get going. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time, I’m not sure.

Endeavour Press has been putting out some great little stories in this style, some of them out of print older books, and even though this one wasn’t my favourite, I think it is a good publisher to check out if you’re sick of the sex-fests in many recently-written historical romances.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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