Valerie (The Carmichaels, Book 3) by Charlotte Penn Clark

Valerie (The Carmichaels, Book 3) by Charlotte Penn Clark

After being attacked by a stalker, Valerie Carmichael decides to give up modelling. But what will she do instead? While she tries to put her life back together she leans on the friendship of Adam Talbot, the doctor who treated her in the emergency room. Their friendship starts to develop into something stronger, but Valerie is just starting the emotional journey to feel safe again.
Adam knows he shouldn’t pursue Valerie. She was his patient and now she needs a friend. When she and her sisters face another crisis he just wants to be there for her, but it only draws them closer together.

Valerie (The Carmichaels, Book 3) by Charlotte Penn Clark

This is a novella that is probably best read after the earlier books in the series, as though there is a new couple at the centre of the story, it very much continues the storylines of couples from earlier books.

As it is a shorter story, things have to happen fast in Valerie. However, I do think the author’s writing was solid enough that it didn’t matter that much. Yes, I would certainly have benefitted from reading the first two books before this one, but I was mostly okay with meeting these characters here, at this point in their story.

I have read a number of romances that involve a supermodel having her face mutilated, and I’m finding it a little troubling. I’m sure it’s not done on purpose, but I’d be interested to know why attractive women have to be have their looks damaged to make them worthy romance heroines!

Charlotte Penn Clark manages to write current, contemporary characters without resorting to a lot of the sexist pitfalls of other authors, so I appreciated that.

Overall, I think that if you’re interested in shorter contemporary romance reads you could try this series – in order!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

*For some weird reason, this book was listed as “New Adult” Unless the doctor hero is Doogie Howser, M.D., this is not a book about wannabe adults; it’s about actual adults!*

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