The End of RT Magazine

front_cover_july16 RT Magazine July 2016 (Issue 389)

Sort of. I received an email a few days ago that – after thirty-five years – RT Magazine will no longer be making print issues. The current issue is the last one.

From now on it will be entirely an online review site.

Romantic Times is one of the romance heavyweights, and hosts a massive US convention every year. While their reviews are often a little laughable for being positive no matter the book, they are gradually getting better. However I really did subscribe to the magazine for the articles, not the reviews!

This change is disappointing for a few reasons. I really liked receiving a print copy to sit down and read. Reading on a computer screen just isn’t the same thing.

Additionally, and despite being compensated with a couple of months’ worth of access to the “VIP” section of the site, this is not making up for the fact we got no notice, and those of us with subscriptions will be losing money. The VIP section is much cheaper, and I doubt worth the money to continue subscribing to. I can get all of that on free book blogs!

The rush to get everything off paper and onto computer screens is really changing the face of reading. I still love my print books and find them a much more engrossing experience, and a website is NOT the same thing as a magazine.

5 thoughts on “The End of RT Magazine

  1. I was disappointed to see the end of the print edition, as well. I’ve been reading RT since it was Rommantic Times, and even have a copy or two of the old tabloid editions, back when they alternated with Rave Reviews (other genres of fiction) every other month. The news is a shock, and I am going to miss the paper copies, both on the newsstands, and seeing the bright blue plastic wrapper in my mailbox (I’d been about to renew a lapsed subscription, but guess that’s moot at this point.)

    Making special time to read the articles -I am another who reads for the articles more than the reviews- each month was one of my favorite pastimes, and now that’s gone. This also leaves romance, the best selling genre of fiction, without a print magazine devoted to its readership. Granted, the topics have diversified in recent years, but still, the loss rankles. I am going to miss not only the physical copies, but the feeling of enthusiasm for the genre of romance and the romance community. I am sure the new web content will have its own merits, and look forward to those, but it’s still a loss, and I’m still going to be grumpy for a while.

    1. That is an excellent point about the loss of any sort of publication for the biggest book genre! I feel like we’re losing community all over the place, with even Goodreads groups dying out, and most blogs closing or losing popularity.

      I can’t see myself paying for the new web content when my subscription expires; it is not and never can be the same as having an actual magazine.

      I feel pretty annoyed they didn’t bother making the announcement until AFTER the final magazine was posted out. It’s not like they didn’t know in advance.

      1. Expanded web content isn’t and cant’ be the same as a physical magazine, though I am curious to see the new model. I am still baffled that the top selling genre now has no print magazine representation, period, and I don’t understand the decision to release the information when they did. No farewell issue? No walk down memory lane? No article with quotes from beloved authors, past and present, not to mention loyal readers, sharing what RT has meant to them? I would have liked to have seen that.

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  3. I was really surprised at the announcement, especially just after the RT Conference. But I’m glad it happened before I renewed my print subscription!

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