Stand-In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan

Stand-In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan

Rancher CJ Thorn isn’t ready to graduate from uncle to brand-new daddy—but he has no choice. After his widowed brother runs off, a pair of adorable twins have no one but CJ…and lovely neighbour Molly Langley. She’s helped with the girls for so long that she’s almost part of the family. Almost. CJ knows his family isn’t good enough for her. Not when his brother’s actions have disgraced the Thorn name yet again. 

Watching CJ become a devoted father would soften any woman’s heart. Yet Molly must remain immune. CJ deserves more than a woman who can’t have children. Held back by fear, it’ll take a disaster forcing the community together before they’re ready to risk a chance on happiness.

Stand-In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan

This is a simple Western romance set at the end of the nineteenth century. It does have a Christian theme to it, but for the most part it is period-appropriate and so manageable to get through whether you share the characters’ faith or not.

I liked that this book dealt with the heroine being infertile (not a spoiler, as it’s about the first thing you learn when you start reading). I also like that it wasn’t magically fixed as books in this genre tend to do. However, I really think it ought to have been discussed earlier in the text.

On the other hand, there isn’t any real conflict between hero and heroine, beyond the infertility thing. Before the book begins they are already attracted to each other (even though the heroine married somebody else and was then widowed). They liked each other, got on with each other etc.

I do think there could have been a little bit more conflict, as a great deal of the action and motivation in the book came from the things the little twin girls did.

I’ve become much more tolerant of children in books, but these two were at times in danger of becoming precocious Romance Novel Children. Calling the hero “Unca Corny”, for example (too cutesy for me!). Being able to sew after only one lesson – at age four!

As I said, this is a simply story. It is highly readable, but it would have been nice to have a few more obstacles thrown up in the characters’ paths.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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