The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace #4) by Louise Allen

The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace #4) by Louise Allen mills and Boon Cover

Please don’t pay attention to the super-sleazy blurb!

A proposition from a virgin! 

Gabriel Stone, Earl of Edenbridge, might have a rakish reputation, but he’s also a gentleman—of sorts. So when respectable Lady Caroline Holt offers her maidenhood in exchange for an estate her father gambled away, his curiosity is roused. 

Gabriel is touched when he learns Caroline is helping her brother—he’s protected his brothers all his life…and has the scars to prove it. He’s willing to help her, but is shocked when his mission takes him somewhere he never thought he’d end up—down the aisle!

The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace #4) by Louise Allen

There’re some authors who I just keep describing as: one of my favourite authors, or I am always excited about their new books.

Louise Allen is one of them, and I was so happily surprised when this new book, the final one in a series of four, turned up in the post. I didn’t realise my pre-order had already been released, and I had just finished the previous one in the series and prepared myself for a long wait for the next.

It’s good I read them close together, as – even though they are totally fine as standalones – there are some parts of the previous book that happen at the same time as events in this one.

I just really enjoy this author’s writing. Sure, some aspects of the story (the hermit in the folly was funny, but also silly) are farfetched, but the writing is so good I am always happy to go along with wherever the author wants to take me.

I like that Louise Allen can do tortured characters without descending into melodrama, and I like that she knows her stuff. Meaning: the research is fantastic, and because Allen is a Brit, I’m not constantly being dragged out of the story with incorrect, non-British language, or ridiculously anachronistic attitudes.

There are some heavy issues dealt with in this story, but I liked that the characters didn’t wallow in their misery. I liked that they were much more three-dimensional than that.

I put aside two other books as soon as I opened a Book Depository package and found this one waiting for me, and I stayed up until the sun was up to read it. I can’t think of many authors who are consistently this good.

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