The Week: 4th – 10 July

Winter Evening Lake Burley Griffin Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 9th July 2016

^^^^ Terrible, terrible picture on my old camera from the car yesterday evening. We were driving over the lake in Canberra. My proper camera broke immediately after we got off the plane in Canberra, after two months away – perfect timing! However, I REALLY need to buy a new one.

Rex Burmese Cat Cute

I learnt something sad yesterday. Rex, the cat who has been living at our neighbours’ house, but who adopted US around Christmas, is going to a new home on Thursday. It’s going to be weird to not wake up with him asleep on top of me, and to not spend my days trying to type with a cat on my lap! He’s such a dope.

Obama has announced he will be sending 1000 troops to Poland in a NATO agreement, which is a start in recognising Russian aggression – even if it is years too late to help Ukraine!

Scary law Vladimir Putin passed the other day, which will come into effect on the 20th of July. People in Russia are no longer allowed to practice their religion outside churches. You cannot even mention religion at home! There are only four mosques for about two million Muslims around Moscow at the moment (Russian authorities have refused to let them build more), and so people have been practicing their religion in public spaces. Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, and even Mormonism are effectively being banned, with only the Russian Orthodox Church supported.

Religious extremists in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine

Winter Morning Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Sonya Oksana Heaney 5th July 2016

Winter morning in Canberra.

Winter Flower Sonya Heaney Canberra Australia 4th July 2016 Garden Nature - Copy

But we have some pretty flowers out!

 Release Day for Anne Gracie

The Summer Bride (Chance Sisters book 4) by Anne Gracie

My review of Stand-In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan

Stand-In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan

My review of A SEAL’s Proposal (Sexy SEAL #1) by Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Proposal (Sexy SEAL #1) by Tawny Weber

My review of The Summer Bride (Chance Sisters #4) by Anne Gracie

The Summer Bride (Chance Sisters book 4) by Anne Gracie

My review of His Wicked Wish (Cinderella Sisterhood #5) by Olivia Drake

His Wicked Wish (Cinderella Sisterhood #5) by Olivia Drake

My review of The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace #4) by Louise Allen

The Unexpected Marriage of Gabriel Stone (Lords of Disgrace #4) by Louise Allen mills and Boon Cover

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