The RITA Awards

Romance Writers of America (RWA) announced the winners of the 2016 RITA® and Golden Heart® Awards on July 16 in San Diego, California.

Major American romance genre awards, the RITAs were announced a few days ago, and I really don’t have much to say about them. I do know some really great authors won. However…

I’ve read exactly one of the winners (and then, it was one of the lesser-known Christian books). I’m sure there are some great reads there, but obviously I either gravitate to other books, or they never came up for me to review. I feel left out!

A few years ago they went and completely changed the format for being nominated, and since then I’ve been so confused about the whole thing I haven’t really being paying attention.

You can read the list of winners HERE. I’m sure other readers have more books on that list to get worked up about than I do!

3 thoughts on “The RITA Awards

  1. You are not alone, Sonya. I only read & reviewed the Julie Anne Long book, and I only got that to review because I begged the author for it. The rest I’ve never heard of before now.

    1. I almost never agree with the winners (there was a romantic suspense a few years ago that got one star reviews across the board – and won!). However this looked like a pretty strong year based on the authors, even if I haven’t read the books.

      Despite some people complaining about historical romance being on the decline, I think it’s one of the strongest categories. I just haven’t read the nominated books!

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