Miss Morrison’s Second Chance by Janis Susan May

Miss Morrison's Second Chance by Janis Susan May

Second chances are often the best.

Twelve years ago, long-time sweethearts, Verity Morrison and Bradford Pemberton, were torn apart by a vengeful act of Verity’s jealous sister. Refusing any other suitors, Verity has descended into spinsterhood at the family estate, her heart broken.

After being disgraced and exiled to foreign lands, a now wealthy Bradford has returned to England in order to get to know his nephew, Charlie, better. He’s quite surprised to run into Verity who is chaperoning her niece.

Their feelings are as intense for each other as always, but Bradford believes Verity long married and Verity believes Bradford is under her sister’s thrall. Neither bothers to correct the other.

It takes a kidnapping, an unexpected rescuer, and mistaken identities to prove that true love does indeed deserve a second chance.

Miss Morrison’s Second Chance by Janis Susan May

The blurb does this entertaining book a disservice by marketing it as a romance – it’s not one. It is a very well-written, very traditional Regency story, where the alleged two lead characters don’t even see each other until halfway through, and are background characters for much of the book. Their first actual conversation begins at the 95% mark!

This is a story about many people in Regency society, is told from many different points of view.

I think if you mixed Little Women with a Jane Austen book, and then removed most of the scenes between the male and female leads, you will get an idea of what to expect from this story. That’s not to say that it isn’t a worthwhile read; I was glad to have a change in my reading.

The language is more traditional, using more Regency-era terminology than other books being released today, though the author does make some mistakes and slip some Americanisms into the dialogue.

To be honest, the alleged heroine’s niece is the true lead character of this book, and her youthful romance with her childhood friend is the main relationship in the story. Again, I enjoyed it, but it was not the story promised to us in the blurb.

Sometimes it is nice to read a book set in this era that isn’t a relentless anachronistic sex-fest. It is nice to take a break from the style of historical romance being produced en masse today and read a book of manners of the past instead.

However, if you’re looking to read a romance, don’t look here.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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