Marriage Made in Hope (The Penniless Lords #4) by Sophia James

Marriage Made in Hope (The Penniless Lords #4) by Sophia James

‘Sometimes I could scream with boredom.’

Measured and self-effacing, Lady Sephora Connaught knows there is another, more reckless side to her. When she’s rescued from the fast-flowing Thames by the wild and dangerous Francis St Cartmail, Earl of Douglas, suddenly her confined world bursts into vibrant life.

Francis has never fitted in to high society’s narrow world, so why does he feel so connected to-and undeniably aroused by-this ‘angel of the ton’? She offers him hope, but only time will tell if their fragile marriage is enough to banish his demons for ever!

Marriage Made in Hope (The Penniless Lords #4) by Sophia James

Isn’t this hero supposed to have long hair?

I really loved the first book in this series and so thought I’d give a later book a go – a book with a much better title than the one that comes before!

There are plenty of things to like about the plot, but it didn’t hold my interest as much as the first in the series.

I liked that we had a heroine who was dealing with a terrible situation, being trapped in an engagement she didn’t want, and suffering depression because of it. She is not an extrovert, and I do like softer, shyer heroines to counter all the hoydens!

She is pulled out of the Thames when her horse throws her in – but the hero rescues her, not the fiancé who just stands by and watches her drowning. However, she is expected to marry this other man, and this is the main conflict of the first half of the book.

I am glad the conflict with the two men wasn’t drawn out for too long, but at the same time it made the first half feel stronger than the second. I felt that after hero and heroine married there wasn’t anything to keep them apart; the rest was a forgone conclusion.

And I did struggle with the use of words like “sexy” in a book set in the Regency era!

This was a solid read, but I would recommend Marriage Made in Money first.

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