A Vow of Seduction: Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone and Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

A Vow of Seduction Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone and Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

Two lavish destination weddings set the stage for romance and desire…  

A Vow of Seduction: Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone and Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone

A fling with the gorgeous best man is not on Elina Sinclair’s to-do list as maid of honour at her best friend’s Hamptons wedding. Yet former child star Gabe Anderson is intent on seduction. He’s also a new client at her image consulting firm—which makes a relationship strictly forbidden. Can the onetime playboy convince her that he’s the best mistake she’ll ever make? 

I liked this story. Being a novella a lot had to happen in a short space of time, but I was convinced. Some authors can pull off these happy ever afters in a short word count, and Nana Malone is one of them.

It’s a familiar hook for romance: bridesmaid and groomsman meet at the wedding and get together. However, I thought this hero and heroine had chemistry, and I also believed they had well fleshed-out characters. There was even time for them to have family and friends!

Our reformed playboy, rich kid hero was believably changed, and was just a really decent guy. The heroine was easy to relate to.

I don’t usually go for such obvious romance tropes, but I thought the author did something different with this one, and so really enjoyed it.

Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

He was Willa Arthur’s first kiss, her first everything, before his cruel betrayal shattered her confidence. Years later, Marcus Simpson has turned up in Costa Rica at the wedding of Willa’s best friend. The white sandy beaches and lush jungles are irresistible—and unfortunately, so is the man she should hate. But Marcus wants more than just forgiveness. He wants Willa back, and a tropical paradise is the perfect place to prove how much…

This is a reunion romance that takes place at a wedding in Costa Rica. Back when they were teens hero and heroine had a relationship, but as he was the popular guy and she was the nerd, he didn’t tell anybody about it. When they were found out, he humiliated her and denied it.

A dozen years later, here they are attending a small wedding in an isolated location.

I liked the writing, but I think it all happened too fast – that’s what happens with such a small word count, I suppose! Within hours of seeing each other for the first time in all those years and he’s all over her, touching and kissing her at every opportunity (even in front of other guests), even though she has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. It came off as a little… creepy.

I liked that these were two likeable people, and that they didn’t draw out a teen conflict too long. On the other hand, there wasn’t actually a conflict in the story. They just got back together and then went home as a couple.

A nice little story, but too fast!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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