The Week: 22nd – 28th August

Queanbeyan to Canberra Australia ACT border Sky Clouds Blue Sky Sonya Heaney Winter 26th August 2016

Gorgeous Friday afternoon. With a dirty windscreen!

Sonya Heaney Norcia Italy June 2016

Poor Italy – we were just saying the Norcia region was due for another earthquake.

When something terrible happens everyone has an “I’m connected to it” story. I was actually staying in Norcia, the epicentre of the earthquake, in June, and we drove through some of the towns that have been destroyed. The church above – in Norcia – has been damaged, and it is a very important church and allegedly the birthplace of Saint Benedict.

Bagan's temples were built between the 10th and 14th centuries

There was also a deadly earthquake in Myanmar (or Burma, depending on if you want to go with the dictatorship name or not!). The famous temples have been badly damaged, but this earthquake isn’t really making the news.

Pierce Brosnan Ukrainian Church London 22nd August 2016

Pierce Brosnan hanging out with Ukrainian activists in London at the start of the week. Tuesday was Ukraine’s national flag day, and Wednesday was Independence Day – a significant and sadly ironic holiday at the moment. We flew the flag in our house, but I was too busy to make it to the function at the embassy here in Canberra.:

Ukrainian Flag Day Tryzub Canberra Australia Sonya OKsana Heaney 23rd August 2016Ukrainian Flag Day Tryzub Canberra Australia Sonya OKsana Heaney 23rd August 2016DSC06712

Kalashnikov (as in the assault rifle manufacturer) now has a shop at the airport in Moscow.

Moscow airport shop sells model Kalashnikov guns

Call me crazy, but is this not the opposite of airport security?? WTF is going on in Putin’s Russia?

Currawong Canberra Australia 25th August 2016 Sonya Heaney DSC06725

In other news, all the birds here are going crazy, running around with twigs and getting ready for spring. Here’s the currawong, and the magpie, the two birds who hang around our front and back doors all day now! The magpie (below) stands beak-to-glass at the back half the day!

Magpie Canberra Australia 25th August 2016 DSC06735

What a poser!

Romance is Trashy, and Other Things You Need to Stop Saying.

Category Romance. No more home renovation. No more ageing parents going into homes. No more bakers. No more etc. etc. etc.

Coming Up for Patricia Briggs

31356099 Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10) by Patricia Briggs

My review of A Vow of Seduction: Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone and Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

A Vow of Seduction Hot Night in the Hamptons by Nana Malone and Seduced Before Sunrise by Jamie Pope

The twenty-fourth anniversary of The Last of the Mohicans


Cover Love

Our Own Country by Jodi Daynard


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