What I’m Watching

After a month in Italy through May to June, and with an upcoming trip to Italy at the beginning of 2017, I got myself into a bit of a Romeo and Juliet mood recently. For all the criticisms, and for all of Shakespeare’s – um – borrowing of the original story, it’s always been a story that has interested me. (Might have something to do with all the stage productions of it I’ve worked on!)

I watched the absolutely DREADFUL 2013 movie version while I was away (review to come), and wanted a palate cleanser.

A totally new take on the story was made with little fanfare a few years ago, a two-part television version. Playing around with the plot (remember: Shakespeare did NOT create the original story, so I’m okay with some changes), it stars older actors from Spain and Italy in the lead roles. The dialogue in English is a little cheesy, and all those grown women with their hair anachronistically down bug me, but I’m optimistic about other parts.

I ordered a DVD while I was in Italy, and I think my copy came from Spain, so I’m not sure what language I’m going to be watching it in! However, it has to be a million times better than the disaster the Hollywood crowd cobbled together.

Here’s the English-language trailer for the Italian production:

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