Victoria – great costumes, terrible history?


Now, I haven’t seen the new miniseries about Queen Victoria yet, but the accuracy of the costumes was promising, after so many embarrassing recent “historical” dramas, from The Tudors to Reign.

Anybody seen it?

However, now I have no plans to watch the show, having learnt the fanfiction version of history the show has presented.

Firstly – and most disturbingly – they have turned the relationship between Victoria the TEENAGER and the Prime Minister, almost-SIXTY Lord Melbourne into a romantic one.

Dronning_victoriaPortrait miniature of Hayter's 1838 state portrait of Queen Victoria. Part of the 'Bone Set of Enamels of the English Sovereigns and Queens from Edwd. III to Queen Victoria.'NPG 941; William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne by John Partridge

Ooh, the romance!

Sorry… but no. That would be a bad thing with fictional characters, but we’re talking about real people here.

And the public seems to be eating it up. They think it’s hot, and romance book blogs have gone nuts over it.

They have also played around with known historical fact to create drama. Did the show’s creators not think the reality of a kid taking over the world’s biggest empire while having a crazy-obsessive relationship with her husband (NOT Melbourne!) wasn’t enough real drama?

Victoria – the real one – documented her life in detailed diaries (she even wrote about her wedding night!). She is recent enough in history that we know SO much about her.

What upsets me about this miniseries is the effort that went into making it LOOK historically accurate. Unlike The Tudors or Reign, people are going to believe they’re seeing real history here.

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