The Week: 12th – 18th September


Driving from Canberra to Queanbeyan on Friday. Those are “watch for kangaroos” signs, but you can’t really see them here.


Remember how I said the local magpies come and knock on the front door every day…?? They’re so tame, every time I open the front or back door they try and fly in the house. One DID get in the house a few months ago, and it was… imagine a big, panicking wild bird in your house!! Cleaning up afterwards took a long time!


I saw this article in the news yesterday, and I’m horrified. THIS is how the media writes about a murder victim?? I don’t know, and have never heard of this woman, but I am very upset that people describe her like that. It sounds to me like they’re trying to justify her murder.

This has been a bit of an odd week. Again, the beginning and end were gorgeous, but other years it has been about ten degrees warmer at this time than it is now.

Chesapeake Shores


Behind the scenes of a Western Romance cover shoot


My review of Kentucky Confidential (Campbell Cove Academy #1) by Paula Graves

Kentucky Confidential (Campbell Cove Academy #1) by Paula Graves

My review Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night (Winner Takes All #2.5) by Kate Noble

Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night (Winner Takes All #2.5) by Kate Noble

My review of Texas Cinderella (Texas Grooms #8) by Winnie Griggs


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