A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski


The last time Lexie Stein saw Dalton Reyes he lay in a pool of blood, hovering somewhere between life and death. Now, five years later, he’s the new guy in her high school.

What happened between then and now is a mystery Lexie is afraid to explore. Just one lie uncovered from her past can cause the house of cards she’s so carefully constructed to come crashing down around her. And Dalton is the key to that past.

She doesn’t need her grandmother’s warnings to convince her that Dalton means trouble. But the bond they shared as kids seems to have only gotten stronger, transforming into something wonderful and powerful.

When Dalton opens up about the intervening years and what they mean for his future, Lexie is determined not to let him get away a second time.

A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski

This is a very readable young adult book with high stakes and high drama, and a surprisingly sweet romance at the centre.

Because I haven’t read much YA fiction for a while, I’d forgotten how extreme the circumstances keeping hero and heroine apart can be in this genre. A Fabrication of the Truth involves drug raids and gang members and life-threatening conditions, but it is written with an undercurrent of normal, everyday teen stuff, so it never feels too over the top.

I like the characters, and liked that they just seemed like normal kids. I also liked that while they went to parties and had some typical teen rebellions, they didn’t feel too old and extreme for their age, as characters have in a few of my more recent YA reads.

(One thing: REIN and REIGN certainly don’t mean the same thing!)

While perhaps the dramatic elements of the story are a little too high to be totally believable, I did feel that the author wrote them in a tone that worked for me.

However this is YA, after all, the genre where drama works best!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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