The Week: 10th – 16th October


Gorgeous Friday afternoon in Canberra.


Sunset in Canberra a week ago


Spring in the garden.

My GOD. Another week, another time my draft of my weekly round-up post went up days in advance – and unfinished! I’m not enjoying the WordPress administration thingies – the new or old versions. Weird things keep happening, and the new version doesn’t even fit on my screen! Talk about fixing something until it’s broken.

I wish political stuff would just GO AWAY this year! We had our state elections on Saturday (and voting is compulsory). However, after a massive, severely negative campaign full of false promises (we’ll lower your taxes and somehow still find a billion spare dollars for all the things we promised you!) the opposition lost. Again. This will make it at least nineteen years with the same government. We’ve only had state government here since 1989!

It was a big surprise on Saturday night. Andrew Barr must be one of the few openly gay men running a state in the world – anywhere!!

Terrible shot of my TV:


I cannot believe that twice this year I’ve had something called the “Australian Sex Party” on a ballot paper. This world is becoming very funny.

Two hilarious Donald Trump-related stories this week.

I’m guessing Americans have no idea who Jemima (Goldsmith) Khan is, but in the British/Commonwealth/cricket/Pakistani world she is a star. She went to a Halloween party as Trump’s wife, complete with “Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech” and a sign declaring the US election is on the 28th of November (as Trump accidentally said in a speech).


My other “favourite” of the week:

NSW Parliament Officially Calls Donald Trump ‘Revolting Slug’

I don’t think I stopped laughing for ten minutes.

Some news on the murder of Daniela (I have mentioned this before; it is someone I knew). The statements made by the defence lawyer are exactly why defence lawyers are some of the worst people there are. ‘Hey – he’s a rapist and murderer, but he’s not a serial killer yet, so let’s not punish him too much!’:

‘Despicable acts’: life sentence urged for woman’s killer

My review of Veiled In Blue (The Emperors of London #6) by Lynne Connolly


Fanfare for the common man in historical romance

Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

Colouring Jane Austen


My review of Waiting for Summer by Sherelle Green

Waiting for Summer by Sherelle Green

Cover Love

First Star I See Tonight (Chicago Stars #8) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy - after marriage!

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