I was going to take a week or two off this blog…


That is how angry I am about the way the world has gone. But I have too many posts scheduled, and too many review books, and so I’m not going to do that.

However… The last review book I finished went on and on and on about how much more Texan men respect women than any other men. And it was eye-rolling then, but now it has taken on a whole new level of crazy.

Men who respect women don’t vote for the pussy-grabber! Respecting women isn’t about waving a gun at your daughter’s boyfriend, or buying her a “purity” ring (ugh).

How did the world go from 2012, when disrespecting women cost elections, to 2016, where misogyny WINS them?

I am struggling with romance fiction in general at the moment, seeing as it has been largely men who have been voting for the far-right fascist parties the world over, and treating women’s basic human rights as unimportant. I’m struggling with the knowledge there are THAT many men in the world who disrespect women this much.

Recently I just keep thinking: is he a ‘locker room talk’ kind of guy? Is he the type of guy who’d ‘grab me by the pussy’ if he knew he could get away with it? I know from personal experience it’s so, so common.

Remember four years ago, when Todd Akin’s entire political career was over the moment he claimed women couldn’t get pregnant from rape? A few years ago, Trump’s behaviour would have been career-ending. What has happened to us?

How much of Ukraine is going to be left at the end of a pro-Russian Trump presidency? ANY of it? I’m thinking the US has just given Putin a free pass to continue his invasions and occupations of Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova… Obama did nothing to stop it, but Trump will be a million times worse. This election was about the world, not just the United States.

Under George W. Bush it was decided foreigners were so bad we all now have to get fingerprinted and photographed like criminals when we enter the country. How much worse is it going to get now, under a man who has told his country it’s fine to be openly racist, a man backed by the KKK?


As both a woman and a Ukrainian – I just CAN’T anymore. No more pretending I’m okay with what has happened to the world in the last few years. The entire world (bar Russia, and UKIP and One Nation voters) is horrified by what happened yesterday.

It has been pointed out time and again in the last few years: this is the 1930s all over again, everything falling into place in the build up to a major war. Fascism and the far-right on the rise. A dictator in Moscow committing mass murder in the east of Europe. Nazism becoming more accepted in English-speaking countries. US leaders who are increasingly indifferent to international suffering. People need to be more frightened about all of that.

I made a few comments on Facebook after the US election result came in and immediately lost friends on Goodreads. Well, you know what? I do not and never will support fascism. I do not and never will support misogyny. And I do not and never will support the likes of Putin and North Korea (unlike Trump). So please feel free to stop reading this blog if you think those things are fine.

4 thoughts on “I was going to take a week or two off this blog…

  1. Sonya, I will still be reading your blog because I feel the way you do. It terrifies me that someone like Trump can become leader of the most powerful country in the world.

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