The Week: 7th – 13th November


The spring flowers turn into a carpet of petals on hot, sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of a long, sad week.

Before I start my rant (links to non-rant posts can be found at the end):

On a less upsetting note… arriving home on a hot, sunny afternoon yesterday, a family of four magpies – two parents and two babies – were waiting at the door! I took the first picture from the car, and they were all staring at the door and waiting for someone to come out of it.



How sad (and yet significant) that the same day I found out one of my family members in Ukraine, a woman who was housing around ten refugees from the Russian invasion in a tiny village house with no running water, died was the day a fascist, pro-Russian, self-confessed sex offender was elected ruler of the world.

The woman who died, Pani (Mrs) Anna, is on the left below (on a pre-invasion visit in 2011 with me, and two other family members – Pani Maria and Pani Katerina – who are both now also quite sick). The reason they have scarves on is because Russia forced them to become Orthodox.

She was born in a Ukraine occupied by another country, and she died in one, too. She was an amazing, kind woman who remembered my grandmother as a teen she looked up to back when she was a little girl. It breaks my heart to know she died in such uncertain circumstances.


Another picture from the same day (I truly do have many others from other days over the years!).:


A few months ago security experts the world over warned that a Donald Trump presidency would be the single most dangerous world event in living memory – and look what happened. We have already regressed to a point that not only can you now be a Putinist and a known sex offender and still win an election over one of us yucky women, but you can brag about it and get away with it.

Even in Australia – the day he won – men here were doing vulgar gestures and filling bars with chants of ‘Grab her by the pussy!’.


It is no different to the situation in Australia when we had our first female leader and the entire nation united in their hatred of her:


It isn’t normal. It is just NOT NORMAL for the world’s reaction to a US election to be abject terror.

Russia won again.

Ireland’s reaction, for example: ‘America has just elected a fascist – I am absolutely frightened. How are we supposed to deal with this monster who has just been elected president?’:


I guess we’re all going to need “the luck of the Irish” to get through this. 😦 😦

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I was going to take a week or two off this blog…


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