Reunited at Christmas (Alaskan Grooms #4) by Belle Calhoune

Reunited at Christmas (Alaskan Grooms #4) by Belle Calhoune

A Season to Remember

Two years after the avalanche everyone thought had claimed her life, Ruby Prescott returns to the remote Alaskan town of Love. And no one is more ecstatic than her husband, Liam, and their young son. Even if amnesia has robbed Ruby of her memories, she’s soon woven back into the fabric of their lives. As they celebrate the holiday season, Ruby is falling head over heels for the man she’s told was the love of her life. But she can’t escape the feeling that there’s something Liam is keeping a secret. Will the return of her memories tear them apart for good or will this be a Christmas she’ll never forget?

Reunited at Christmas (Alaskan Grooms #4) by Belle Calhoune

Even though it is book four in a series I’ve never read before, I liked the cover, and liked the trope-tastic blurb, and so I decided to give Reunited at Christmas a go. Plus – reunion story = my favourite!

This one started off well. Sure, it’s high and improbable drama: a heroine presumed dead in an avalanche two years earlier who suddenly walks into her tiny hometown with no idea she is from there, and no idea who she is.

However, this sort of plot is the reason books such as The Darkest Hour are popular, and if the drama is written right, I’m happy to go along with it.

The setting is nice, winter in Alaska seeming like an ultimate location for Christmas.

I also thought the heroine’s search and rescue job was an interesting choice.

I didn’t find the Christian aspects too intrusive, and it was easy enough to skip over the occasional reference to scripture (the type of Christianity in these Love Inspired books is very different to the sort of Christianity we have here).

As this is well into a series in an established small town, there are some parts that are only going to work for people already invested in it. There’re (too?) MANY characters here, and in the end I didn’t try too hard to keep track of them.

The little boy was cute, but I felt he – and especially his speech – was too advanced for his age (not yet five).

Overall, was a nice little book. I overlooked the improbability of the plot and enjoyed it for the drama!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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