You Had Me at Christmas


One month until Christmas (if that’s the calendar you follow – my family follows both!). The final excerpt from You Had Me at Christmas is for Christmas Eve: A Love Story by Molly O’Keefe.

For a minute, before opening her eyes, Trina Crawford allowed herself to believe she was in her own bed.

But there was someone else in this one.

And there had not been a someone else in her bed for a very long time. Oh no, what have I done?

Trina turned her head on the pillow and nearly bumped noses with Dean. Dean McKenzie. I did Dean McKenzie.

She clapped a hand over her mouth, squelching a delighted squeak. Maybe this is a dream… just some strange stress-and-coming-back-to-Dusk-Falls-induced dream.

But when she squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again, Dean was still there. So was the headache pounding behind her eyeballs.

I slept with Dean.

His long, angular face was relaxed in sleep, his black hair like great sweeps of ink across the white pillowcase. His mouth, those wide lips—she curled her fingers against the urge to touch them, trace their edges—they’d been soft, softer even than she’d dreamt.

And she’d dreamt about Dean McKenzie’s lips a lot.

The second half of her senior year, after that night on her porch. Her first year of college. After breaking up with Trevor after the party, she’d spent several long months counting every opportunity she’d missed with her once-best friend.

That all ended last night.

Needing a shot of courage before facing her future—which, oddly enough, looked a lot like her past—she’d stopped at Holly’s on the edge of town, and there was Dean, sitting alone, nursing a beer. Blinking Christmas lights from the mirror over the bar had been reflected in his dark hair.

Like a Christmas sex fantasy come true.

After that, all of it—every moment, every breath and touch—had seemed inevitable.

As if, since their birth, they’d been working their way to this. I blame Christmas. And our fathers. I blame Christmas and fathers for everything. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us.

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