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I have a deep dislike for the original cover released for one of my most anticipated reads 2017: Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas (it is at the bottom of this post). Of all the ridiculous non-historical historical romance covers, it might just be the worst!

However, the British/Australian cover I’ve seen more recently is lovely, and 19th century-appropriate.

Sure, if this book is set in the 1870s, like the others in the series, the gown might not be *completely* accurate for the decade, but I really love everything about it.

Here’s the modern-day prom queen cover I can’t stand, despite RT Magazine’s ridiculous article praising the historical inaccuracies!:

Devil in Spring (2017) (The third book in the Ravenels series) A novel by Lisa Kleypas

3 thoughts on “Cover Love

  1. Sonya, I have always preferred the stylish British/Australian covers on the Piatkus published books. Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane books are also published here by Piatkus with similar covers.

    1. When I order books from overseas I always go for the British covers. I wonder how books in the UK/Australia would sell with the other covers… I know I would be reluctant to buy paper copies.

      In fact, if I didn’t know Lisa Kleypas’ name I wouldn’t ever pick Devil in Spring up with that second cover. It looks like a young adult fantasy, not historical romance!

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