The Golden Globes


I knew I was out of touch with Hollywood when I hadn’t heard of a single movie nominated at the Golden Globes yesterday (winners HERE). This is not what you would expect of someone who did a couple of years of scriptwriting at university and used to subscribe to major movie magazines!

I should have at least known about Lion, considering it received four major nominations and is Australian!

All the same, I was a little interested in seeing how some of the historical-themed productions went (Outlander, for example).

I was sort of hoping to see a win for The Americans (what a timely show, considering Kremlin meddling in the US at the moment), but hey – the Globes are a well-known corrupt little nothing award ceremony people mostly watch to see the celebrities being drunk.

Mostly what I took away from the awards was:

Ouch, my eyes!

Surely most of the dresses on the red carpet were designed by kindergarteners circa 1978 who were asked to draw their ultimate princess gown.

Everything was so messy and over-the-top colourful, with weird flounces – and more sparkle than the current crop of Irish dancing dresses.

My other two thoughts: boobs and bright yellow everywhere!

Maybe I’ll get around to watching some of these movies, but I’m not sure there was much that interested me this year.

The deserved digs at Donald Trump were the best bits.

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