One Grand Season (A Willowbrook Manor Romance Book 2) by Sarita Leone


Vivian Fox may be the Gregory family’s poor relation, but she won’t be forced into a marriage with a man who does not capture her heart. One grand Season– a taste of the good life—is all she wants. But, as fate would have it, she gets much more than she bargained for.

One Grand Season (A Willowbrook Manor Romance Book 2) by Sarita Leone

There are some great ideas here, and the Cinderella-ish theme has its appeal (as it’s done here, with evil secondary female characters more in the background). However, all the research mistakes really got to me in the end.

I did also like that the story did NOT in any way go in the direction I expected.

For a quick read some readers might be frustrated by the lack of time hero and heroine actually spend together, but I didn’t care too much.

On the other hand, there’s a point in this genre where too many liberties can be taken with historical behaviour and a reader is left with modern characters in pretty outfits.

In the case of One Grand Season, it’s the little things that gradually chip away until you don’t have much of the 19th century left.

The duke’s heir who introduces himself to low-ranking people with his Christian name…

The poor seamstress who somehow gets herself invited to be a houseguest of a duke and a duchess…

The duchess who thinks associating with people so poor they are socially beneath half her servants is just delightful…

The heroine who doesn’t know the names of vehicles people used in her time…

The made-up region of England called “Stropshire”, which is really just the real county of Shropshire with a spelling mistake. It’s no different to setting the book in the United States and having a heroine come from the imaginary place named “Yew Nork”.

The heroine whose best gown is from some sort of 1810s bargain bin at the dress shop…

The terms of address for the aristocracy that are incorrect…

The confusion about what constitutes the Season, and what time of the year it actually happened…

This book is going to work better for people with less idea of how Regency society worked than it did for me.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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