The Week: 3rd – 9th April


Driving from Queanbeyan to Canberra on Thursday afternoon. A few hours later there was a terror attack in Queanbeyan, and this road was the one the attackers used to escape interstate (the state border is at the rise up ahead on the road). Now I’ll always think of that when I see this gorgeous picture.

More of that lower in this post.


Visiting the Treasures of Versailles exhibition at the National Gallery yesterday. Canberra has had an exclusive exhibition from Versailles for a few months now (including stuff like Marie Antoinette’s harp and Madame de Pompadour’s furniture), but because I was overseas I didn’t get there until this weekend. We actually tried to visit last week, but it was so busy everywhere we couldn’t even find a place to park! Yesterday the queue to get into the exhibition was so long it ran the entire length of the building, but we were determined to visit! It ends next week.

Dropping my brother home in the city yesterday afternoon.

Gorgeous, sunny autumn afternoon.

Parrots everywhere in Canberra now the autumn berries are coming out.

There was an Islamic State-inspired terror attack here overnight from Thursday to Friday this week. Of course – because nothing makes the news unless it happens in Sydney or Melbourne – it was barely reported.

The details of it are appalling, and I won’t go into them, but two teenaged boys went on a fourteen-hour rampage. The final stabbing happened on my aunt’s street, a few metres from her front door – it could have been her.

The house one of the attackers lived in and that was raided by police is a few doors from the house my grandmother lived in until she died in 2015. The murder at the service station happened close to where I’d met people for lunch a few hours earlier, and near our Ukrainian hall. The two guys were caught across the border here in Canberra, a few streets from my house, on a road I’d been down twice that day.

Literally every location a crime was committed during the rampage was somewhere I’d been on Thursday, and also somewhere I had a personal connection to.

While Canberra is the capital city, Queanbeyan is basically a country town, a small community just over the state border, and it is so shocking that now terrorism can literally happen anywhere.

I’m so angry that it barely made the news, because things only get reported if they happen in “known” cities.

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3 thoughts on “The Week: 3rd – 9th April

  1. That’s terrible about the terrorist attack and there was certainly nothing on the BBC news here. Of course, the news headlines have concentrated on the terrorist attack in London and the people killed and injured on Westminster Bridge. It’s frightening to think of terrorists being on your doorstep. There have been a number of arrests in the Grangetown area of Cardiff which is only a few miles from where I live.

    There was a report on the news about the “Grammar Vigilante” in Bristol.

    1. I know it’s a silly story, but the grammar vigilante thing made me laugh! I went out to lunch on the lake yesterday, and every sign at the restaurant next to ours had extra apostrophes in words ending in an “S”. I actually said I wanted to call this man. 🙂

      I admit, when I heard the Romanian woman from Westminster had died I was a bit teary. Everyone seemed to think she’d survive, but obviously there was never a chance.

      More and more details are coming out about the two young men involved in the attack here, and it’s worse and worse. One of them was already on bail on charges for rape using a weapon. They’re still only in high school – and the horrendous parents are defending them! 😦
      I sometimes become irrationally angry, but I do think this horrific event deserved media attention (what I didn’t say is that they used their victim’s blood to write “IS” on the service station window). The victims certainly deserve the respect other victims receive.
      I was contacted by the Daily Mail for my family to give an interview, but I definitely did NOT accept the offer. I don’t need them twisting it all around for their pro-Trump propaganda!

  2. There is no way on earth I could ever defend my son if he had committed such horrendous actions! The world just seems to be going mad because certain people want to impose their sick, perverted ideas on others.

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