Don’t Call Me Honey

Interesting piece over at All About Romance a few days ago, discussing a Suzanne Brockmann book I haven’t read for years:

Don’t Call Me Honey

The piece discusses the offensive ways the hero insists on referring to the heroine, even after she has asked him not to, and even in a work situation. The AAR piece is worth a read.

Naturally, not everyone in the comments agrees, but I do take issue with people jumping straight to “If you want feminism, then I won’t open a door for you!” whenever someone wants to talk about gender equality. It’s the fastest way to dismiss real issues as unimportant.

It is not common in any country I’ve lived for people to use terms like honey and babe when referring to women (or men), and it wasn’t until I began reading the romance genre that I was even exposed to it. So it has always seemed a little odd to me.

However, the article is about much more than basic nicknames.

Suzanne Brockmann is a favourite author of mine, and one who usually works very hard to include diversity and feminism in her books, so don’t take this one example as a reason to not read her stuff!

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