Struggling Genres

I came across an article via Twitter yesterday, about finding a literary agent. I don’t really know why I read it, but I found the passage below pretty interesting – the last dot point in particular:

Literary Agent Query Letters Struggling Genres

When did this happen?? They haven’t even finished making the Fifty Shades movies yet, and already they don’t want anybody to send them books in that genre?

Holy Moly.

I remember only a few years ago you couldn’t escape cosy mysteries (Charlaine Harris!), and urban fantasy was supposed to be one of the Next Big Things (I mean, Patricia Briggs!).

I don’t really have a point here, other than to say I’m a bit surprised.

What’s really silly is that at this rate, whatever is “in” right now is likely to be out of fashion by the time an agent takes it on.

I wonder what will be “struggling” next.

2 thoughts on “Struggling Genres

  1. Yeah I don’t like that last bullet point either. Writers should write what they want and chasing the market isn’t going to be doing anything to help get a writer published. There are always people repping almost every genre.

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