Thought for the end of the week.

(Not picking on these particular books, by the way! In fact, I’ve already read, enjoyed, and reviewed the second one.)

I usually hate fads in any situation. There have even been times I’ve actually LIKED a fad, but haven’t bought/worn/enjoyed the thing in fashion until it was unpopular again!

However, the current trope fads in romance/women’s fiction are driving me batty!

It doesn’t matter if a book set in the Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, Second World War eras, or set TODAY:

I want stories that are realistic.

And you know what is not realistic? Fake fiancés. Fake husbands. “Have to marry to pretend to be the baby daddy”.

I DO know some people love these tropes, but where are all the other themes? Practically everything publishers like Harlequin seem to be putting out at the moment – historical, contemporary, and everything in between – seems to involve a pretend engagement!

I spent nearly an hour the other day wading through review books, trying to find something that didn’t have any of those tropes in it, and then I gave up and played with the neighbour’s cat instead.

Please, more variety, no matter what is in fashion this month!

One thought on “Thought for the end of the week.

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