The Runaway Bride by Patricia Johns

The Runaway Bride (Harlequin Heartwarming) by Patricia Johns

Bernadette Morgan left her cheating fiancé moments before they were supposed to marry in the society wedding of the year. Now she’s stuck in Runt River, Ohio, with a broken-down car and a tattered wedding dress. All she wants is a place to hide. But what she finds are a handsome mechanic, a little boy and family secrets that could change everything. Because the toddler Liam Wilson’s raising is actually her cousin’s child. And she’ll do anything to protect him from her politically ambitious family, even if that means rejecting the possibility of love with Liam…

The Runaway Bride by Patricia Johns

Sometimes you read a book and are so impressed with the author’s writing skills. Patricia Johns has created such a “real” story, even if some of her characters are larger than life (the heroine is basically a celebrity), and that’s all down to her excellent writing.

I had one problem that isn’t the author’s fault – and it’s a big one:

How the hell do you take a book about American politics seriously now?!

Honestly, I went for this one because the cover appealed, even if the “runaway bride” isn’t really something that usually appeals to me. It always seems so frivolous.

However, this is actually a book about politics and affairs and cover-ups, and I think that the author handled it all really well without taking sides. The heroine is the daughter of a rich, politically ambitious family. She is both heiress to her family’s empire and a socialite, and the wedding she is fleeing is to a man who expects to run for US President in the future.

She runs to small-town Ohio, and there she finds both the mechanic hero and the toddler he is caring for – who turns out to be her blood relation but not his.

What I struggled with in this REALLY GOOD book was that it’s all about politicians (and these are Republicans) having to be “clean” – no scandals, plenty of family values… How can I possibly take this seriously when a thrice-married pussy-grabber is the current face of that “family values” party? This book is set in an alternate universe, and politically-themed books need to start representing the new, awful world we live in if I’m going to find them believable.

There is so much good here, though. The characterisations, the dialogue, the natural behaviours and not-black-and-white actions. The boy is such a realistic child – one of the best I’ve come across in a book.

I didn’t think the choice of “Bernie” was a good one for the heroine’s name. Because:

Bernie Sanders

Especially when it’s a book about *American* politics!

I did like the little touch of the hero panicking when the boy became ill, because healthcare is such a minefield in the US.

I could go back and forth nonstop, but what is comes down to is that this is a fantastic book – written at the wrong point in time!


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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