Nothing to do with books, but there has been a lot of sad, negative stuff on this blog recently. So – instead – watch this video!

Watch it to the end, because it starts off sort-of-funny, and then gets REALLY funny. Honestly, the best bit is the unimpressed sulphur-crested cockatoo on the left.

I’m not sure why people overseas want to spend thousands of dollars on keeping our (Australian) cockatoos as pets. They are SO loud that they’re deafening. I wouldn’t want them in the house (plus, I’m not sure it’s fair to them.)

We have a group of them living outside, and there are two in particular who hang out in the garden all day and pull things (trees, THE HOUSE) to pieces because they know it annoys us. However, they’re very smart, hilarious birds who live longer than some humans. And – of course – total idiots!

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