Convenient Proposal To The Lady (Hadley’s Hellions #3) by Julia Justiss

Convenient Proposal To The Lady (Mills & Boon Historical) (Hadley's Hellions #3) by Julia Justiss

When politician Benedict Tawny set out to save Lady Alyssa from a nefarious plot, he never expected to find himself trapped in a compromising situation with the alluring lady! Now duty demands he propose…and claim her as his bride!

Tainted by his illegitimacy, Ben knows he can’t give Alyssa the life of luxury she deserves. But if he can convince her to succumb to the undeniable heat between them, their convenient marriage might just lead to the love of a lifetime!

Convenient Proposal To The Lady (Hadley’s Hellions #3) by Julia Justiss

This review made me choose this book.

This is a lovely historical romance that feels mature and not at all anachronistic.

Unfortunately there’s no date given to set the scene, which I always find disappointing, but judging by the references to the fashions I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 1830 – the era of THE dorkiest clothes in history

Julia Justiss uses wonderful language (except for one issue near the end). She throws in more old-fashioned terminology than most historical romance authors these days, and it creates a better sense of the past.

I haven’t read all of Justiss’ books, but those I have show that she is a reliable author, someone who will deliver a solid story every time. She is comfortable in her nineteenth-century world in a way not all authors are, and the FEEL of the era an author projects is one of the most important factors to me when choosing books in this genre.

The best thing about this book was that it was an actual romance. Even though they are forced into an engagement early on, the characters took the time to get to know each other (perhaps just a tad too much time…).

I actually would have liked to see more of the tragic story of the hero’s parents and their failed affair – that’s the sort of drama I love!

I also liked the heroine’s aspirations as an illustrator. She didn’t stray into anachronisms, but she still had a solid interest in something period-appropriate and interesting.

There were a few times the characters had TSTL issues. Honestly, if a creepy guy who has been trying to “ruin” you sneaks up when you’re alone and offers you a weird-tasting drink, it’s probably NOT the best idea to drink it!

My issue at the 89% mark: autumn, autumn, AUTUMN. Not – ever “fall”. Never!

However, there was plenty to like here.

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