R.I.P. Bryan Lawrence

Bryan Lawrence in Le Conservatoire. The Australian Ballet, 1965. Photo Ken Byron, Australian News and Information Bureau.

I was going to post a book review today, but I need to mention the death of Bryan Lawrence. I’ve been out of the ballet world loop for a few years, and only heard about this yesterday. He died on Saturday.

I’d recommend Michelle Potter’s obituary – HERE.

A soloist with the Royal Ballet in Covent Garden, London, and then a principal with The Australian Ballet, Lawrence and ballerina Janet Karin founded the school I took my first ever ballet class, and the company I gave my first ever performance with.

The school produced some world-famous dancers, including the late Ross Stretton, a dancer with both Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, and later the artistic director of The Australian and Royal Ballets (I did work experience for him in the 1990s), Joanne Michel, Adam Marchant…

Swan Lake Royal Ballet School performance 1960 with Shirley Grahame. — with Shirley Grahame Kershaw. Bryan Lawrence.

Beyond going to the theatre as an audience member, I’ve not had anything to do with ballet for a few years. My last contact with Bryan Lawrence was a Facebook conversation a number of years ago.

For the dance world, this loss was significant.


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