Second Chance Amish Bride (Brides of Lost Creek #1) by Marta Perry

Caring for her late cousin’s young kinder is Jessie Miller’s duty–even if it means seeing their father again. Years ago, she thought Caleb King might be her husband–until he met her cousin and Jessie’s dream was cut short. Laid up with a broken leg and a demanding dairy farm, Caleb needs her. But Caleb wants no woman around…and no reminder of the wife who abandoned her family before her death. Especially since he fears Jessie will throw a wrench in his plan to remain a single dad. She’s gentle and kind, and if Caleb isn’t careful, she may be just what his little Amish family needs.

Second Chance Amish Bride (Brides of Lost Creek #1) by Marta Perry

This is a well-written, quick little Amish romance. Harlequin’s Christian line makes the most sense when the characters are Amish; the occasional praying is completely appropriate and doesn’t happen at odd times.

I liked the heroine, who had thought she might have married the hero years earlier, but because she wasn’t as pretty or immediately appealing, he married her cousin instead. I liked that the hero had to completely change his views on a lot of things, and see what he should have known all along.

I didn’t find the children too irritating or cutesy, but perhaps the little boy was a bit too advanced for his young age. However, they felt like real characters, not accessories, and had their own personalities.

Really, the only thing I didn’t love was that the characters finished half their sentences with ‘ain’t so’ – it might be accurate, but they said it a lot!

It has been a while since I’ve read much Amish-themed stuff, and Second Chance Amish Bride is a good example of why these books can be good little comfort reads.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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