The Amish Witness by Diane Burke

The Amish Witness by Diane Burke

After witnessing the murder of her best friend, Elizabeth Lapp flees to the Amish community she left years ago, hoping the killer won’t find her. But the murderer follows Elizabeth, trapping her in her family’s barn, and she’s sure she won’t survive—until an Amish man rushes to save her. As the attacker runs off, Elizabeth sees her rescuer is none other than Thomas King, the handsome farmer she left behind with her dreams and her heart. Now widowed with two small children, Thomas vows to keep her safe…despite not being ready to forgive her. And suddenly, the man whose love she longs for—but can’t allow herself to accept—is all that’s standing between her and a cold-blooded killer.

The Amish Witness by Diane Burke

This book has a great opening scene – just as described in the blurb, but then it stalls a bit. The heroine is attacked when she returns to her Amish home; the hero rescues her.

And then? After nearly being murdered by an intruder who has already killed another woman? What does everyone do?

Well, they go about their morning chores for hours, like there isn’t a murderer on the property, before sitting down to a meal and a chat! No contacting the police. No trying to hunt down a murderer. No worrying he might still be around. No warning other people.

I was VERY confused!

My thought process when it came to The Amish Witness was: I want to read something historical, but I’m all out of review books. Amish people act like it’s three or four hundred years earlier – close enough! I’m heading overseas and don’t have time for a long book; this one is short.

So I went with it.

The writing is solid, but the characters make no sense. You don’t react to a murder by just getting on with your day. And – surely – even Amish people see how crazy it is to simply say: “God will look after us. If we die, it’s because He willed it.”

In the end I needed the characters to act like actual human beings with human thought processes, and I felt that instead they were acting in ways that made them fall into place with the plot the author had already planned.

Good writing, but nonsensical behaviour from everyone.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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