Amish Christmas Twins by Patricia Davids

Amish Christmas Twins Christmas Twins by Patricia Davids

The Widower’s Christmas Wish

With Christmas just around the corner, widow Willa Chase will do anything to retain custody of her twin girls and unborn baby–even if it means escaping to her childhood Amish home. After her grandfather turns her away, Willa finds herself stranded at the home of blacksmith John Miller. A widower, John buries himself in work–until Willa’s vibrant twins become impossible to ignore. And before long, John is smitten with their beautiful mother, too. But when Willa’s past secrets are revealed, will they prevent John’s Christmas wish for a happily-ever-after from coming true?

Amish Christmas Twins: Christmas Twins by Patricia Davids

Yes, the Christmas books are now out!

Due to my aversion to books with kids on the cover, I skipped this one initially – and then noticed it was written by Patricia Davids, who I consider to be one of Harlequin’s best authors, across all of their lines.

I am glad I read this one. Davids focuses more on Amish culture than their religion, so her books are interesting reads for Christian and secular readers alike. She also knows this world inside-out, and it shows in the detail she includes about the world the characters live and work in.

It was also interesting to have a heroine who was dragged out of an Amish lifestyle as a teen, and so returns as someone from a totally different culture. I liked hero and heroine, and I liked that there were characters rediscovering – or just discovering (in the case of the twins) – the Amish lifestyle.

This was one of the better Amish-themed books I’ve read, with so much more to it than kids or Christmas. But then I have enjoyed everything I have read by this author.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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