Coming Up for Mary Balogh

The fourth book in a series I have loved so far, the Westcott Family series by Mary Balogh, has been announced to be released in May, 2018.

Not only do I love the cover, but the plot is really exciting. Why? Because this is about the *mother* of other heroes and heroines in the series. Balogh is constantly surprising me with her unusual characters and pairings, and this is a first for me in historical romance, reading about an older woman with grown children.

It never once occurred to me this character would get a book of her own.

Obviously, I am really looking forward to this one. The blurb is beneath the cover image.

Someone to Care (Westcott Family #4) by Mary Balogh

No one has felt the death of the Earl of Riverdale more keenly than his wife, the now dispossessed countess Viola Kingsley. On her way home alone from Bath, Viola meets an adventurous aristocrat at a country inn. Since she is being forced to stay for a day and night, she goes to the village fair with him and impulsively gives in to his suggestion that they run away together for a while—a brief respite from their lives of duty and responsibility. What they discover together is the last thing Viola would have ever expected…

3 thoughts on “Coming Up for Mary Balogh

  1. Now that is a historical romance cover! I’d pick that up even if Mary Balogh wasn’t one of my favourites. I hope that whoever came up with that ghastly Kleypas cover takes a good look at this and hangs their head in shame!

    1. It’s GORGEOUS (or, at least I think so!). Historical romance publishing is going through a weird phase. I was just reading some submission guidelines for publishers, and they are actually asking for “contemporary romances in historical settings”. 😐😐

      For all the fun in her books, Lisa Kleypas takes historical accuracy seriously. She deserved better.

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