Trump and Romance Book Sales

A great article from a few days ago:

Welcome to the Romance Resistance

Sales of romance books are soaring, and the article points out something we knew already: women are the biggest producers and consumers of books.

‘We have not seen a significant decrease in sales. In fact we have seen more readers turning to romance than ever before, especially those who are new to the genre. Interest in politically minded heroes and heroines is on the rise and we expect to see an entire wave of books featuring characters who are fighting back and resisting in their communities. Ultimately, we feel that in this time when so many people feel downtrodden and personally attacked by this president, romance, the literature of hope and happiness, is more important than ever — and our sales back that up.’

It was feared that a Trump presidency was going to kill non-political book sales (I didn’t know this, but then I’m not American).

‘People often speak poorly about romance for being an ‘escapist’ genre,” she added. “But what is so terrible about escaping from a world that has suddenly turned upside down, where a new horror happens every day? Taking time to recharge your batteries is essential if you mean to go on fighting against injustices, and romance can provide that.’


4 thoughts on “Trump and Romance Book Sales

  1. I hadn’t heard that his being elected was going to hurt book sales, and I am an American.

    It’s selfish of me, but I hope sales continue to soar… at least until my book comes out…

    I’m not sure I agree with romance being escapist. Two people meet, work out their differences, and resolve that they’re going to be partners who face whatever life throws at them together. That shouldn’t be considered an escape. It’s an ideal to aim for in your own life.

    1. I agree that the actual romance isn’t an “escape” – especially as that’s just what the New York Times was saying in their recent offensive articles.
      I think the “escape” implication is more about books set in the Regency, or paranormal books etc. – an escape from the current situation of the world.

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