A Baby for Christmas (Sweet Home Montana Book 2) by Joan Kilby

A Baby for Christmas (Sweet Home Montana Book 2) by Joan Kilby

When Mia Tempesta goes into labour during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, she stumbles into Will Jackson’s cherry packing shed. As a war widow, she’s lost everything–her husband, her home, and her job. But when Will, a caring stranger, delivers her beautiful baby boy into her arms, she has hope for a brighter future.

After being betrayed and dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Will’s dreading the holidays, but when he helps deliver Mia’s son on Christmas morning, he gains a renewed purpose in life. The beautiful Mia and her child tug on his protective heart strings and he finds himself longing to help. They fight their growing attraction–Will’s on the rebound and Mia is still grieving. Will their reckless passion end in heartbreak?

Can two damaged hearts find healing and happiness? One Christmas baby might just be the miracle they need to love again.

A Baby for Christmas (Sweet Home Montana Book 2) by Joan Kilby

Funny to think I’d enjoy a book so much when it starts with childbirth (I am NOT a baby person), but Joan Kilby is – as I already knew – a very talented author, and I knew in advance this would be good.

A Baby for Christmas starts over the night of Christmas Eve/Christmas morning with a heroine going into labour after being in a car crash. There’s only one person in sight, and he is our hero, who ends up with no choice but to deliver the baby.

Now… this could have been an odd read for me. However, the author found the perfect balance of seriousness and humour that made the opening scenes a great read.

From there, our hero feels he is connected to this mother and her baby, despite her half-hearted attempts to brush him off. What she doesn’t admit at first is that her (dead) husband was a gambler and a cheater, and this isn’t about getting over him, but finding her feet again.

I don’t always love the “ex is a bastard” trope, but it seemed really well done here.

Also well done was the hero’s ex. When she first came onto the page I was worried she’d be a misogynistic cliché, but instead the author made her into a real human being. This is literally the only time I can think of that “posh, pretty blonde” wasn’t a sexist stereotype. I appreciated that so much.

In fact, there’s another similar character, and she isn’t negatively stereotyped either. Way to go, romance genre!

One other thing I liked: the casually “ethnic” heroine. As someone who grew up in a so-called “ethnic” community, seeing it represented as just a normal part of life instead of some comedy show was special for me.

Yes, this book is a Christmas book, but Christmas is only part of it. I thought the author put in just enough of snow and fairy lights for the season, but had so much more in there, too.

Apparently this is the second in a series; it’s a complete book on its own.

I really enjoyed this one. I loved how “modern” it was. So many of my issues with contemporary romance were turned around here.

A good choice for a Christmas read.


Review copy provided by the author.

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