Pursued for the Viscount’s Vengeance by Sarah Mallory

Pursued for the Viscount's Vengeance by Sarah Mallory

Beneath that puritanical dress she was quite beautiful

Viscount Gilmorton had never seduced a woman before but, as the only way to avenge himself on her deceitful brother, he was prepared to disgrace the buttoned-up Deborah Meltham.

He was planning nothing more than to shame her, but not beyond repair. Gil would ensure that she came to him willingly, because if Deborah was as lonely as he thought, she should be receptive to him. Only Gil hadn’t counted on his feelings for her changing—nor her reaction when she realised he’d been deceiving her from the start…

Pursued for the Viscount’s Vengeance by Sarah Mallory

The tropes in Pursued for the Viscount’s Vengeance are pretty common in historical romance, and the main theme is one I am not very comfortable with. However this book came with excellent reviews, and I am very glad I gave it a chance.

The idea of a man seeking to avenge the death(s) of a family member(s) by ruining his enemy’s sister is a popular one, but a difficult one to pull off. As much as I enjoy a bit of dark drama, and as much as I enjoyed this book, there’s still such a level of sexism and viciousness to it in most cases.

On the other hand, this WAS very good read. The author created realistic historical characters who came across as very “Regency England” to me. I was never bored, and I put aside some review books for this one – one I actually bought for myself.

I loved that hero and heroine take their time getting to know each other, much more than in most romances these days, and even though the hero was doing it under false pretences.

Another bonus was that the revenge plot wasn’t the entire plot. This meant that the deception wasn’t drawn out for the whole book. There is also a secondary story involving counterfeiting and crime that the heroine is inadvertently caught up in.

An interesting take on a much-used trope.

It’s just a pity none of the character’s distinctive marks (scars, way of dress etc.) made it onto the cover!

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