Amazon’s Forums Now Closed


Forgive me for the lateness, but this was news to me only a couple of days ago.

Amazon – in following with movie/television site IMDB – has closed its message boards, eliminating a couple of decades of conversation, recommendations, and themed discussions in an instant.

I am really disappointed about this for two reasons.

#1 Because, while everyone still obsessively uses the likes of Facebook, the online book community is shrinking at an alarming rate. Goodreads groups that used to be crazily active now only get posts every other month. Other forums – such as Harlequin’s – are almost completely dead (though I suspect some of that is the fault of Harlequin itself, who keep “revamping” their site needlessly, and booting long-term users off it so they have to sign up all over again – many do not).

The Amazon forums were amazing for book recommendations, with some threads many years old and many thousands of posts long – and now it’s all gone forever.

And – #2

What I said in the last sentence: it’s all gone.

I’m thinking specifically of the romance fiction community here, but also the other book discussions – *especially* those where self-published authors asked for assistance and advice.

Some discussions were many, many thousands of responses and recommendations long. There were threads for everything. If you had a favourite theme or trope in your reading you could find years and years of recommendations. People searching for a book they read thirty years ago but could no longer remember the title or the author invariably found the information they needed from long-time posters there.

I haven’t been active on the Amazon forums for some time. I didn’t really have the time to keep up with that – and Goodreads, multiple blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr etc. etc. etc. But I always felt safe knowing it was there when I wanted it.

Sure, the place had some crazy trolls, and the likes of Anne Rice herself – she of Interview With the Vampire fame – caused some absolutely ridiculous drama there over the years.

However, it may not have been perfect, but it was a huge community. And now it’s a huge loss.

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