Forbidden River (The Legionnaires #2.5) by Brynn Kelly

Forbidden River (The Legionnaires #2.5) by Brynn Kelly

At the end of the earth, they’ll play a dangerous game…

French Foreign Legionnaire Cody Castillo—“Texas” to his fellow commandos—is an adrenalin-junkie. Chasing deadly thrills is his only reprieve from a bloodstained past he can’t forget. But when he finds himself caught in a mass murderer’s crosshairs in the lonely wilds of New Zealand, he finds an unexpected and intriguing ally.

Ex-air force pilot Tia Kupa has always found safety in nature, until a killer turns the wilderness into a playground. In this life-or-death game, the guarded woman who lives by the rules must rely on a risk taker with a death wish. The sexy devil-may-care legionnaire may be the wrong guy for her, but desire is just as primal as terror. Even if they outrun a predator, they can’t escape the sizzling bond neither of them saw coming.

Forbidden River (The Legionnaires #2.5) by Brynn Kelly

I discovered Brynn Kelly with the second book in her brilliant Legionnaires series, and the rerelease of that book includes this novella, featuring a different set of main characters.

Kelly has the writing style that I love in suspense stories. The dialogue feels real, the situations – though larger than life – are written in a “real” way, the characters feel real and feel like they really do exist in the present. It’s hard to explain the difference between an author like Kelly (or Cindy Gerard or Kaylea Cross) and others in the genre, but it’s huge.

This is as much a suspense story as a romance. It’s tough, and the characters go through tough things. There’s violence and action, and don’t go in expecting something else just because there’s a good-looking guy in the cover. It also packs in a lot of story for a shorter read. Somehow I was convinced of the relationship succeeding even though it happens over a short space of time.

Kelly always writes settings like she knows the inside-out and back-to-front, no matter where in the world her characters go. This is the first time she has set a story in her native New Zealand, so she had an advantage there, but her local knowledge really transforms the book.

I also enjoy her use of characters of different nationalities. The American guy feels American. The Australian guy (in book two) feels Australian etc.

I have nothing negative to say about Forbidden River. I am just glad to find another author to add to my “favourites”.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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