What became of the “Royal Fad”?

CrownPrincessMaryWeddingDressFront2 HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson Wedding.

At the beginning of this year we were told books about royalty were THE NEXT BIG THING in romance and women’s fiction. Apparently inspired by the slew of television shows about royals, from Victoria to The Crown to whatever it is Elizabeth Hurley is starring in at the moment, hot princes were going to be the new vampires or kinky billionaires.

Did it happen? Did I miss it? Because I don’t really think it took off.

Some months ago Carina Press put out a specific call for modern, Kardashian-style royal-themed submissions. I also saw it mentioned as the new fad on major romance blogs like (the late) Heroes and Heartbreakers.

However, apart from a little trickle of royal-themed books, I’m just not seeing – or feeling – it.

While I love a well-written royal-themed story, it was never something that interested me generally. I think of the nightmare of Princess Diana’s marriage – literally being stalked to death. I think of the obligations to breed for the sake of the nation, and the creepy way people treat Kate Middleton’s pregnancies – ugh.

I think of inbred royals, such as the mad, *married* Crown Prince of Austria who took a teenage girl as his mistress, took her off to a hunting lodge, MURDERED HER, and then killed himself. Or the Russians with their haemophilia.

In short, I don’t see “sexy” when I think of royalty! Look at all those dorky Windsors! I’m really not looking forward to the day we’ll have King Charles on all our banknotes and coins…

Maybe the royal thing HAS taken off and it has just passed me by, but I’m looking at upcoming books on review and publisher sites literally every day, and I’m not seeing them.

Or maybe the people “in the know” in the publishing world really don’t know how to predict fads.

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