Montana Groom of Convenience by Linda Ford

Montana Groom of Convenience (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford

Their Marriage Bargain

Carly Morrison’s father issued an ultimatum: get married or lose her ranch. But while she can rope and ride as well as any man, leading one to the altar is another matter—until newcomer Sawyer Gallagher suggests a marriage of convenience. Their arrangement might be a sensible solution to her predicament, but Carly’s growing feelings are a genuine complication.

Desperate to provide a home for his orphaned sister, Sawyer takes a chance on lassoing himself to headstrong cowgirl Carly. He’s convinced he’s too hardened by life to love anyone…until their union is threatened. Is it too late to turn this practical partnership into a real Big Sky family?

Montana Groom of Convenience by Linda Ford

This is an easy little read set in the late nineteenth century. It is a Christian book, but – as with most of these – it’s easy enough to skip over the religion if it’s not for you.

The story starts with an engagement. Hero and heroine are sitting near each other at a restaurant, and he overhears her saying she needs to get married to someone – anyone – within two weeks. Her father will sell the family ranch otherwise, because he doesn’t think a woman can manage it the way a man can. The hero immediately offers himself, as he has a little orphaned half-sister who he can’t handle, and who has started to run wild.

And so the story goes on.

I like these books set in country USA of the past. It is a nice balance with all the historical stories I read about the English aristocracy. Linda Ford is a pretty reliable author in the genre, and Montana Groom of Convenience is no different.

I think the female characters were handled well. Usually they’re too modern and too used to doing all the things the men do, and the plot then just reads as a contemporary romance. Even though we have an unconventional heroine (the sort who wears trousers), I think it was done believably here.

A solid read from a well-established author.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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