Serialised Historical Romance?

This month author Carla Susan Smith has two Regency romances out.

The difference is, they’re serialised. The first one ends with a To Be Continued.

A third instalment is due out next month.

It’s an unusual concept for the subgenre, and not one I remember reading before. Is it something that appeals to historical romance readers? I think the risk with serials is always the same: if you don’t enjoy the first book enough to continue, you’re left with half (or a third of) a story and that’s it.

Here are the covers and the blurbs for the series:


Mischance (Corsets and Carriages #1) by Carla Susan Smith

“The Hall, the estate … will all have to be sold.”

After her fortune is squandered by her drunken gambler of a father, Catherine Davenport must accept the charity of a cousin she has never met. But the household of Phillip Davenport is anything but welcoming. Catherine barely survives a brutal attack that shatters her body and severs her memory. A harrowing rescue on the London docks takes her into the home of two brothers: Rian and Liam Connor.

“Trust him … he will not hurt you.” 

Mystery and scandal surround Rian, recently returned from the Americas. As Catherine struggles to reclaim her identity, she must fight her overwhelming desire for the man who saved her life. But Rian, she learns, has come home for a wedding, and Catherine fears her enigmatic rescuer is already spoken for.
How can a woman with no memory, no family, no home, hope to win the heart of London’s most intriguing rogue?


Resolve (Corsets and Carriages #2) by Carla Susan Smith

woman without a past. A man who could be her future…

I am not so naïve that I don’t know what happens between a man and a woman when they are lovers.” 

In the sanctuary of Rian Connor’s magnificent ancestral estate, Catherine Davenport struggles to remember who she was before he found her wandering practically naked on the docks of London. She has little memory of the vicious attack that brought her there, but she can’t deny the feelings Rian awakens in her. In danger of losing her heart to a man tormented by the dark secrets of his own past, Catherine questions what an innocent like her has to offer such an experienced man of the world.

“You have no idea what you are doing to me – how much I want you, how much I need you!”

But on the night of his brother’s wedding ball, Rian proves exactly how much he wants his beautiful young protégé.  Only to be lured by his former mistress into committing the ultimate betrayal. For Isabel Howard will stop at nothing to do away with Catherine and destroy her future with the man they both desire above all others . . .


Salvaton (Corsets and Carriages #3) by Carla Susan Smith

“I will not be a wife in name only.”

Rian Connor’s proposal of marriage should have been the happiest moment of Catherine Davenport’s life. He is her savior, her tutor in the ways of flirtation, the man she wants for her lover. But two impediments bar the way: the vicious assault that may have ruined her ability to enjoy any man’s touch; and the vindictive woman who will stop at nothing to regain Rian’s affection.

“There can be no turning back once you have given yourself to me.”

One exquisite night of completely mutual pleasure proves to Catherine that with Rian, the physical side of their union will bring only joy. But even her new husband cannot protect her from the diabolical scheming of his former mistress. Delivered into the hands of the madman who once delighted in tormenting her, Catherine is swept back to the place where it all began. And this time, the price could be her future with the man she is finally free to love.

3 thoughts on “Serialised Historical Romance?

    1. I did start the series, but then I realised I just wasn’t invested enough to continue. :/ Even as free review books, I couldn’t bring myself to invest in three stories to reach the HEA.

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