Go Canada!

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Team Event Ice Dance Figure Skating Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 12th February 2018

Breaking up my regular book coverage to say: I am SO happy about Canada winning the gold in the weird new (as of 2014) team figure skating event at the Olympics. SO well-earned.

I do think this whole team thing is a tad ridiculous, and it leads to figure skating overkill before the real events even happen, but I am very glad to see both Canada and the US on the medal podium.

I am equally frustrated Russia was allowed into this event. How can a country that is allegedly banned from the Olympics this year be fielding a team for their country?!

How much Kremlin money reached IOC hands in order for this to be allowed to happen? Ugh.

The best thing about the Olympics being in Korea (other than that I used to live there, and am having a sort of “reverse homesickness” for the country), is that we’re basically in the same time zone, so I can watch live events at sane times!

Now, if only the Australian – and likely other English-speaking – commentators could stop mispronouncing place names…

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