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Ukrainian Aljona Savchenko and Frernch Bruno Massot of Germany won gold. Pairs Figure Skating Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Korea 2018

Sorry, but I need to interrupt the book posts again.

Mid-thirties Ukrainian pairs skater Aljona Savchenko – who had to move to Germany to find a partner to skate with – just won gold!

Now, this is great for many reasons, such as the fact she has been around forever, had to move to another country to find a partner…

However… What is amazing is that she is SO much older than your average figure skater. I hear from my parents’ generation that you have to be in your early twenties to achieve anything athletic, but my generation has shown them they are 100% wrong!

Even better, she wasn’t the only over-thirty skater on figure skating medal podium today.

In figure skating events you will find almost nobody is skating for the country they’re actually from. E.g. the Israeli singles ladies skater is American. The Korean male pairs skater is a New Zealander. Savchenko’s skating partner is French, not German!

Australia bizarrely now has the junior world champions in pairs skating, and the female skater is from Russia!

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