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Hello Stranger Lisa Kleypas

If, like me, you received your copy of Lisa Kleypas’ newest Ravenels book early, flip to the end. There’s an excerpt for the next instalment there.


It’s about the Ravenels’ cousin, West and Phoebe, the sister of book three’s hero, Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent.

In the meantime, there’s book four to get through: Hello Stranger. I’ve posted the UK/Australian cover here, because the US cover is just so PINK!

Read about the series on Kleypas’ new site. It is sparse at the moment because it’s new, but there’re also plenty of other great books by this author.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Kleypas News

  1. I’ve pre-ordered Hello Stranger and, according to, it will download on 27th February. I always prefer the UK/Australian covers because, at least, they have some semblance of being historical, although Lisa Kleypas’s books are set in the Victorian era and the lady’s attire looks Regency rather to Victorian.

    I’m particularly excited about the pairing of West and Phoebe.

    1. I think I ordered the paperback *and* the Kindle version. The paperback came from overseas, so I was VERY surprised it arrived a week early.

      A while ago I read an interview with Lisa Kleypas where she hinted she was pairing West and Phoebe, but I didn’t know for certain.

      I was so relieved to see that our cover at least looks like it’s from the 1800s, even if they’re five or six decades off!
      The US cover is just awful. The stepback inside the cover is just as ugly – and even brighter pink!

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