Running Blind (Men of Steele #4) by Gwen Hernandez

Running Blind (Men of Steele #4) by Gwen Hernandez

Charter pilot Caitlyn Brevard’s sister disappeared while working undercover to expose human traffickers in the Caribbean. Four months later, Caitlyn has finally found her, but to infiltrate the captor’s inner circle and rescue Rose, she must appear at the man’s gala event with a fiancé she concocted to keep his lecherous son at bay. Can she convince Kurt Steele to forgive a past betrayal and play the doting groom-to-be?

Former special operator and wounded warrior Kurt can’t say no to a friend in need, especially not Caitlyn, who he can’t forget, no matter how hard he tries. But playing ardent fiancé to the woman who broke his heart—and still attracts him like no other—might just be more than he can bear. When their mission turns deadly, he and Caitlyn must risk everything to save Rose and get a second chance at a love worth dying for.

Running Blind (Men of Steele #4) by Gwen Hernandez

**For the second time, I owe Gwen Hernandez an apology for taking so long to get to her book. February was a little hectic, and my reading fell so far behind!**

When I start a romantic suspense book I can almost immediately put it into one of two categories. There are the fluffy ones, where it’s more a contemporary romance with an odd suspense scene thrown in here or there. Authors who write this type of book don’t put in the same effort with their research or locations and are more interested in the relationship stuff.

Then there’s the type of suspense I much prefer: books like this one, where there’s a balance of character development and suspense, and effort is put into creating the plot and the “world” of the story.

As I read almost only review books these days, it means I can’t keep up with series very often. I really enjoyed the last Hernandez book I read – Blindsided – but haven’t kept up with every instalment. It seems this one, Running Blind, is *the* anticipated book in the series. Our hero here has extra things to deal with, having been left permanently disabled from his military years.

For me, I’m always interested in a reunion story. It’s a trope that works especially well in romantic suspense because there’s not always much time to establish a relationship while also literally fighting for your life. It also adds layers of angst and maturity – characters are forced to be grownups and confront their issues from page one.

Hernandez chooses interesting locations and writes her suspense like someone who knows her stuff. It makes all the difference.

Men of Steele is a solid series with each book being very distinctive from the one that came before it.


Review copy provided by the author.

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