Sorry, everyone + how to contact me!

I recently opened something on the management, backstage part of this blog and realised I had many comments and questions I hadn’t seen. I also recently noticed comments on my other blogs, and on sites like Goodreads. Some of the messages were from over a year ago.

I think I’m meant to, but I don’t get emails when people comment on a post. I run multiple blogs, so I have trouble keeping up at the best of times.

Soon I will take some time to check out all these messages.

I am worried I’ve missed some author review requests – actually, I know I have. It wasn’t done on purpose.

If you need to get in touch, please send me a message through Goodreads. You will have to set up an account, and I think we have to be “friends” (I accept all friend requests – except from trolls), but I think most authors are already on there. It is the one place I will definitely hear from if I have a message.

It was simply pure luck the times I’ve seen requests on Facebook. I hate the site, and rarely check it.

I will give my personal email to almost anyone, but I’m still not comfortable with putting it on here. If you send me something on Goodreads – and you’re more or less sane! – I am happy to give it out.

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