Marry in Scandal (Convenient Marriage series #2) by Anne Gracie

Marry in Scandal (Convenient Marriage series #2) by Anne Gracie

A shy heiress and a well-known rake face a scandal-forced marriage that might be true love in the latest irresistible romance from the national bestselling author of Marry in Haste.

Shy young heiress, Lady Lily Rutherford, is in no hurry to marry. She dreams of true love and a real courtship. But when disaster strikes, she finds herself facing a scandal-forced marriage to her rescuer, Edward Galbraith, a well known rake.

Despite his reputation Lily is drawn to the handsome Galbraith. In the gamble of her life, she agrees to marry him, hoping to turn a convenient marriage into a love match.

As heir to a title, Galbraith knows he must wed, so a convenient marriage suits him perfectly. But there is a darkness in his past, and secrets he refuses to share with his tender-hearted young bride. All Lily’s efforts to get close to him fall on stony ground, and in desperation she retreats to his childhood home–the place he’s avoided for nearly a decade.

Must Lily reconcile herself to a marriage without love? Or will Galbraith realise that this warm-hearted, loving girl is the key to healing the wounds of his past–and his heart?

Marry in Scandal (Convenient Marriage series #2) by Anne Gracie

I have a point to make at the end, but as it’s something of a spoiler, you might want to avoid it.

Sometimes there’s a book you just have to write a dot-point review for to stop it turning into an essay. Marry in Scandal is one of those books:

  • The cover is odd. Lily struggles with her weight; this cover model obviously does not. She is also described as having “tawny” curls; this cover model does not.
  • What Anne Gracie does best is make her characters sympathetic. Whether it’s a heroine who is very self-conscious about her appearance who we really feel for, or a secondary character who hides past hurts behind a not-so-nice exterior, you always identify with them in some way.
  • Gracie’s books have a heavy focus on the female characters, which I love. I doubt less established authors would get away with introducing their heroes so late in so many books, but Gracie takes her time setting the scene before the hero makes it onto the page.
  • She also tends to give her leading ladies personal quests, little things they achieve throughout the book without the hero’s assistance.
  • This heroine is naïve and dumb sometimes, but she is also only eighteen.
  • There was a scene towards the end of the first book in the series that some thought was too rushed. The heroine of that book is shot, and it takes that for the hero to realise he loves her. The criticism in book one was that it came out of the blue and was dealt with in only a few pages.
  •  Something very similar happens in this book, but it’s even more obvious. Lily is riding her horse, thinking about that gunshot scene in book one, and wondering if she’ll have to have an accident to make the hero realise he loves her.
  • In the next instant – in the same scene – something happens, and the hero’s attitude to her changes. It was too much, too obvious.
  • A lot happens in the last ten percent of the book, and I think it all deserved more page time.


Marry in Scandal deals with a lot of interesting things, and has some unique characters. I do feel that it needed some more editing for the pacing in order for it to be the best book it could have been.


My point:

A year ago and a month, Andreea Cristea was killed by an Islamic extremist on Westminster Bridge in the same spot (and sort of the same way) the villain of this book is.

More than that, the scene was rushed, and treated as a joke (all three young women starring in this series seem to think it’s funny – not a way I’d expect heroines to react to any death).

Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but I thought this unnecessary scene was *in*sensitive.

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